21st Century Skills

Developing 21st Century skills with Lego soft blocks and bricks

At Curro educators are trained to use Lego soft bricks for the development of 21st Century skills, to encourage learners to think critically and to think about their thinking (metacognition).

Research has shown that there is a strong correlation between learners’ early mathematical experiences and scholastic achievement in high school (Wolfgang, Stannard & Jone, 2001). During block play a learner is exposed to a variety of mathematical experiences, e.g. comparing, classification, counting, measurement, and ordering and is made aware of spatial relationship, size, shapes, quantity and symmetry. The use of Lego soft bricks in all six learning areas promotes integrated learning. It also provides learners with opportunities to explore, be creative, use imagination, experiment, solve problems, make discoveries, collaborate and communicate their ideas to peers.

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