So… you think you’re the next Richard Branson?
You consider yourself an innovator.
A problem solver.
A dreamer of impossible dreams.

If this sounds like YOU and you are in Grade 9 to 11, then why not enter our annual Entrepreneurship competition? Not only will you have an opportunity to explore and develop your idea, you stand a chance to win awesome prizes.

Important dates:

31 May 2017: Entries close
September 2017: Finals

How to enter:

1. Be in Grade 9-11.
2. Have a great business idea you would like to develop/have developed already
3. Get into a group of 3 or 4 classmates (it is preferable, but not a requirement, to have learners from multiple grades in your team).
4. Find a mentor – someone you can turn to for advice regarding entrepreneurship, someone who can help you write a killer business plan. Maybe your mom, dad or guardian is a businessperson you can learn from. Someone who has made mistakes, but still gets up every day and starts again. You might have the dreams… But they have the wisdom.
5. Choose a category for your entry: Business Entrepreneurship or Social Entrepreneurship.
6. Go through the rules, criteria, and scorecard listed below.
7. Submit a video presentation (of no longer than 5 minutes), as well as email your company business plan (of no more than 5 pages – which should cover the criteria in the scorecard) to (you can WeTransfer your video file and company business plan if they are too large to email).
8. Curro Holdings will choose 5 finalists in each category. The 10 finalists will be given feedback on their presentations and business plans and have an opportunity to improve their business plans and receive an opportunity to present their business plan to a panel of judges in September. A winner will be selected per category but please note that the criteria will play a less important role at the final judging. Here we will focus more on presentation skills and quality of the business plan.


Please register your learners by following the steps received in the competition email you received. If you did not receive this email, please send an enquiry regarding this to

Enter a category:

Business Entrepreneurship Criteria Social Entrepreneurship Criteria

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