21st Century Learners

Using tablets to raise standards

At Curro parents expect us to be at the forefront of education innovations that will help your child to learn in new and exciting ways. That is why 2014 saw the roll-out of tablets to over 6 000 learners in 20 of our schools. Tablets have the potential to transform our classrooms and to take individualised learning to the next level. By putting a rich array of resources at a child’s fingertips, educators can deliver tailored and appropriately paced learning support. In particular, tablets help learners to feel that they are co-directing their learning and therefore foster important learning habits, such as curiosity, initiative and problem-solving.

Educators involved in Curro’s 2013 pilot of tablet usage found that the new technology can facilitate the kinds of reflective discussions that unlock new understanding and ways of thinking. It also provides a platform for different forms of collaboration and small group work.

The advantage for parents is that all of their child’s learning support materials are organised in a single place – no more lost text books or mislaid homework instructions! As resources are updated or extended, the new content is just uploaded to the tablet, so we can ensure that your child always has the most current available learning materials.

Our commitment to 21st-century learning is not just for the sake of it. It is because we passionately believe that how children learn is as important as what children learn. Where new technologies are shown to raise attainment and to transfer vital new skills to learners, you will always find Curro at the leading edge of implementation. And in turn, you can rest assured that your child is being properly equipped to play their own successful part in our rapidly changing world.

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