21st Century Learners

Why 21st Century skills in the Foundation Phase?

At Curro the focus is on critical content; we recognize that, without the skills below, our learners will not survive, let alone thrive, in our world.

  • 3 Rs: reading; writing; arithmetic
  • 4 Cs: creativity; collaboration; communication; critical thinking
  • 2 Ms: motivations; metacognition (thinking about our own thinking)

These skills are often termed the ‘hidden’ curriculum − what we really want the learner to know. However, at Curro, these are explicit and the focus of learning in our classrooms.

The Curro Centre for Educational Excellence (CCEE) also accommodates:

  • the formulation of a strategy regarding multilingual environments, incorporating more South African languages;
  • annual systemic testing, at international levels, to guide teaching and learning, in the following subjects:
    • literacy
    • mathematics
    • robotics

Curro believes in developing and supporting educators in order to equip them for the demands of the 21st-century classroom. Attending training, workshops and conferences are part of our development plan.

Educators view themselves as learners and therefore they also need to unlearn, learn and relearn in order to be effective educators.

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  1. Diane

    21st Century learning is key!

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